Whiterock School in Cairns has taken steps to ensure they are on top of their WHS.

Whiterock Primary School

Nail your next Audit

Many schools don't get A++'s when it comes to their audit for Work Health Safety. It is no surprise teaching staff, business managers and Principals are short on time and overwhelmed by all the necessary record keeping and time required to prepare documents to satisfy the Board of Education. We highly recommend outsourcing your evacuation diagrams to a third party professional, so teaching staff can focus on their main job which is teaching and we can get them right for you first time.

Preparing evacuation diagrams is a time consuming, highly detailed and tedious task that is made easier with the correct software and knowledge of the Australian Standards AS 3745-2010. I have often been presented with Evacuation Diagrams made in Word or Publisher and I can only imagine how many hours were spent making them only to have to redo them because they do not meet code.  

Whiterock School also employed our services to prepare the Chemical Manifests and Chemical Registers, for more information on Chemical Manifests please contact us.